Gilbert Arenas Puts Laura Govan On Full Blast For Being An “IG Mom” 


NBA player Gilbert Arenas helped turn Laura Govan into a “Basketball Wife” but now the two are in a messy and heated break-up with so much drama that seems like it just won’t end!

Rumors recently swirled that Gilbert wanted Laura and their 4 kids to move out of the California home he currently pays for them to live in so that he can allegedly move into the house with his new girlfriend and baby.

Courts have ordered Gilbert to continue paying for the house and all associated expenses, including the $20k he has to pay Lauren a month, on top of the money he spends on his children.

Arenas is angry and wants the world to know it. He recently blasted Lauren on Instagram in a lengthy post that called his baby mama out for allegedly living lavishly for IG fame, while keeping their children in poor attire.

Lauren has since been attempting to do damage control by posting photos of her good parenting skills.

She recently posted a photo of dinner she cooked for her kids, that happened to be served on paper plates and cups.

Paper plates though? How tired can you be?!

#BishWhere ?!

Gilbert took to IG to continue bashing his baby mother, and call her out for her poor parenting skills.

Someone took to Twitter to also air Lauren out for having her kids looking like struggle on the first day of school.

Hmmmmm. Something isn’t adding up Lauren. We need to see some receipts other than your struggly dinner plates.