Get Kelly Rowland’s Body and Learn All Her Secrets!


I love people who embrace living healthy lifestyles! It takes a lot of courage to change your life and commit to doing something you’ve never done before.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen how amazing Kelly Rowland looks these days! She has always been a beautiful woman but now she has toned her body and even started a fitness business.

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Kelly sat with HealthyCeleb.Com and shared her secrets!

According to the artist, “following crazy diet plans is of no help. One must eat right amount of food and should also exercise, in order to stay fit. The weight lost by following crazy diet plans is soon again regained by the body. To be healthy, one must be regular.”

So what is Kelly’s diet composed off?

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  • Breakfast – Cereal with blueberries or bowl of porridge.
  • Lunch – Crab, whole wheat pasta teamed with tomato sauce.
  • Snacks – Toasted pumpkin seeds, fruits, carrots, etc.
  • Dinner – Fish with vegetables and duck salad.

What about her workout plan?

  • Yoga – Kelly practices yoga. Yoga de-stresses her and makes her feel relaxed. Considering the highly busy schedule of Hollywood stars and singers, it is good for them for de-stressing their minds and bodies, once in a while.
  • Cardio vascular exercises – Kelly performs the cardio exercises at her gym. She does these exercises at least two times a week. Cross training and biking are her favorite cardio exercises.
  • Lunges – She performs lunges so that her butts remain in shape and look good.
  • Sit-ups – She performs sit-ups for keeping her abs in shape.

I love Kelly because she is an example that you can achieve the body you want in a healthy and sustainable manner! She is definitely #iAmHealthyFit Approved! Let’s continue the conversation!

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