Geraldo Rivera Says Lebron James Shirt Should Say “Be A Better Father” [Video]


Former talk show host turned Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera has become known for his pretty blatant racist and stereotypical comments on Black culture.  

Rivera recently visited Fox to discuss his distaste for the national protests against police misconduct and said a very shocking and controversial comment aimed at NBA baller Lebron James and the Black community. 


Rivera calls out James for wearing a “I Can’t Breathe” shirt on the court for warmup, but states that he should instead wear a shirt that says “Take care of your kids”, “Be a better Father to your child”, and a list of other racist insensitive comments aimed at the Black community.

Rivera basically feels as though Black people need to stop playing the victim, and take responsibility for the actions they do that cause division in their homes.

If you didn’t hate Geraldo Rivera before you definitely will after watching this.