Geneva Thomas of “Blood Sweat & Heels” Pleads Guilty to Melyssa Ford Assault


The popular Bravo show “Blood, Sweet, and Heels” managed to shoot an entire first season without any physical altercations taking place amongst the strong female cast members. However, that can’t be said for season 2!

Last october, while shooting the current 2nd season of the hit reality show, cast members Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford got into a bloody brawl that resulted in Melyssa getting stitches, and Geneva getting arrested!

Well speed up to April, and Geneva has now plead guilty to the assault charges, and Melyss is upset that her sentence wasn’t more harsh.

Via: Bossip

Blood, Sweat & Heels star Geneva S. Thomas has pled guilty to cracking her co-star Melyssa Ford over the head with a bottle.

Thomas, 32, admitted the attack Thursday in Manhattan Criminal Court, pleading guilty to one count of third degree assault. Judge Melissa Jackson sentenced Thomas to 10 days of community service, and she won’t go to jail or face probation as long as she stays out of trouble and away from Ford.

The writer had faced charges of criminal possession of a weapon and felony assault in the second degree.

Thomas was arrested six months ago after she cracked a bottle over Ford’s head on a party boat on the Hudson River. Ford had to get three staples in her head, stiches in her foot and was on crutches for a month.

“When the police came in, they immediately knew Melyssa was the victim,” a source close to Ford told BOSSIP. “They asked who started the fight, and everybody pointed to Geneva.”

The source told BOSSIP the veteran video model still suffers from vertigo from the beat down, and can’t fathom why Thomas isn’t facing jail time.

“She doesn’t understand why this person isn’t going to jail,” the source said. “She could’ve been killed.”

Thomas’ guilty plea may make it hard for her to pursue her $25 million defamation suit against Ford. HoweverFord has never spoken publicly about Thomas since Thomas’ assault.

Thomas will be back in court in July on charges that she stiffed a taxi driver on a $17 fare.

Looks like Geneva’s bad attitude has finally caught up with her. She better get it together before her court cases get worse.

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