The Game “92 Bars” Causes Fight Between Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna


According to TMZ, the new diss track from rapper The Game put Blac Chyna in hot water with Rob Kardashian after Game revealed her had former oral relations courtesy of Rob’s pregnant fiance.

Rob and Chyna are allegedly pissed at The Game for including their old sexual encounter into his war with Meek Mill.

Sources close to Rob and Chyna claim that the couple had a very heated argument about the sexually suggestive lyrics in Game’s diss track, “92 Bars” … where he reveals that he once received oral sex from Chyna when he raps, “Blac Chyna head the bomb, Al-Qaeda.”


Rob was completely blindsided by the mention since Chyna never told Rob that she once had relations with the close family friend.

We’re told Rob was weirded out because Game had spent so much time with his family, and he felt it’s something Chyna should have disclosed early on in their relationship.

However, Chyna defended herself by saying that it went down long before she began dating Rob and there wasn’t a need to tell him.


The two newlyweds- to-be both agreed that the person to blame was The Game who never gave Chyna or Rob a heads up on the namedropping he had planned for his new song.

Chyna is currently 8 months pregnant with their daughter.