Jean Paul Gaultier: From The Sidewalk To The Catwalk (EXHIBITION REVIEW)


Growing up Jean Paul Gaultier already knew he wanted to be a designer. At the early age of seven he knew that he would embark in the world of Fashion. His inspiration with fashion came from his grandmothers closet. In an exclusive talk with Gaultier, he explained that his grandmother’s corsets in particular fascinated him. He even transformed his childhood toy Teddy bear into his fashion guinea pig. His grandmother would not give the young boy a doll because she believed at that time boys should not have dolls as toys. Little did she know, that was not going to stop the fashion genius. Gaultier was so obsessed with the corset he made his teddy bear one. This is was only the beginning for the fashion genius.

photo-1It was really an honor being at the members only reception at the Brooklyn Museum for Jean Paul Gaultier. Every piece of his that was showcased was absolutely amazing, stunning, and breath taking to say the least. The exhibition is broken into seven parts which are; The Odyssey, The Boudoir, Muses, Punk Cancan, Metropolis, and Urban Jungle.  I took some pictures to give you a taste of what to expect if you decide to give the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition a look (as you should).

The Odyssey section of the exhibition introduces Gaultier‘s trademark pieces which are sailors, mermaids, and stage costumes that have been worn by Beyonce and other big celebrities such as Marion Cotillard.

photo-3The dress below was worn by Queen B (Beyonce) at the Fashion Rocks stage.


c2rbeyonceJeanPaulGaultierThe Boudoir section was breathtaking. This was my favorite section of the whole exhibition, because it reflected Gaultier’s  fascination with lingerie and corset’s throughout his career as a designer. Who knew the corset can look so hip and yet so DAMN SEXY?!  This section showed pieces worn by Madonna’s 1990 Bond tour and 2012 MDNA tour.

photo-4The corset below was worn by Madonna in 2012 during her MDNA world tour.

photo-5 photo-6

To describe The Punk Cancan section in one word I would have to say it’s TRILL!  Gaultier mixed the works of Parisian classicism and London punk to create iconic punk rock clothes. For this line, Biker jackets, Trench coats, and Parisian symbols such as the Eiffel tower are present. This section is truly the definition of a punk rocker’s closet from latex, leather, to fishnets. Gaultier simply turned Punk rock into pure elegance with this line up. This section also features New York Style Icon/ Sex in The City Star Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress that she wore at the MTV Movie Awards in 2000 shown below.


photo-8Metropolis was created for filmmakers, choreographers, and pop sensations such as old school group Cameo and recent pop-stars like Lady Gaga. His vision for Metropolis was high technology and science fiction. Here’s an image of one of the pieces from the Metropolis section.



Urban Jungle  is one of the most unique and creative lines from Jean Paul Gaultier . What makes this line unique is almost every culture is  combined together to create such a wonderful Hatue couture line. Gaultier got inspiration from the Jewish, Chinese, Flamenco, Russian, Bollywood, and Nordic cultures. Urban jungle is a melting pot of hatue couture.

photo 1-2 photo-9


photo 2-1To all my Mase TV, followers check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum for a night of Haute Couture and lovely people. Get to see the genius of Jean Paul Gaultier and what made him embark on his mission in Fashion. Be inspired and give this exhibition a look.

Till next time Stay Stylish My friends.

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