From Incarceration to Education (FITE) Documentary on Importance of Prison Education [Trailer]


New documentary From Incarceration to Education (FITE) highlights the formerly incarcerated students at UC Berkeley.

The film helps share the too often unheard success stories of formerly incarcerated inmates, in order to help motivate, inspire, and empower the currently incarcerated to avoid the cycle of recidivism plaguing the US. The film also helps break down the negative stigma surrounding the idea of having been incarcerated in the past.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 1.21.19 PM

Documentary film is a powerful medium that can create real-world change. However, we find that the inspiration that it leaves after a viewing is often fleeting, unless the film’s message itself is coupled with direct action. That is why the FITE cast and crew introduced two other components to their film: one component being holding direct physical film screenings in prisons and jails (both locally and nationally), as well as creating a database of regional and national programs that may assist incarcerated individuals upon release.

The documentary has currently made it to the finalist round of the Big Ideas at Berkeley grant, and was recently selected as a Commitment Project for CGI U 2016 (Clinton Global Initiative University).

Watch the trailer for this powerful documentary below: