Fox News Calls #BlackLivesMatter Protester A “Race Pimp” [Video]


If you followed the coverage of Ferguson or Baltimore closely, the name DeRay McKesson is a familiar one. McKesson has been a very vocal activist protesting police brutality, who was recently featured in a New York Times Magazine profile on black social media activists.

Tonight McKesson faced off with Sean Hannity and Kevin Jackson, both of whom had lots of questions for him about why he’s been in Ferguson, Baltimore, and now McKinney, all while unemployed.


Hannity asked McKesson if he’s a “professional protester,” but McKesson insisted he’s just in these communities to “make sure that these stories are heard.” Hannity kept pressing him on whether he’s part of the rioting or believes the “proven false narrative” in Ferguson.

But things ratcheted up a bit when Jackson accused McKesson of hypocrisy because he hasn’t gone to police funerals or celebration ceremonies of cops “who have protected many, many black people for decades.” He accused McKesson of being in it for the notoriety and said, “You’re a race pimp!”

McKesson shot back by asking Jackson if he went to Sandy Hook and New Orleans after Katrina, asking in the same vein whether his absence means he doesn’t care about those victims.