Four Georgia Teens Ask For A Job At Housing Authority To Avoid Gangs


Here’s a recent story that will put a smile on your face.

The CEO of an Atlanta Housing Authority was instantly moved to hire four young teens on the spot after they walked into her organization seeking employment in order to avoid joining local gangs within their community.


Via: Vibe Magazine

Four Georgia teens are receiving a virtual standing ovation from the Internet after Zsa Zsa Heard praised their tenacity on Facebook. The LaGrange Housing Authority CEO uploaded a photo of the young men after they walked into her office and asked for a job to avoid gangs.

Heard spoke with Fox 32 and recounted the entire story. After they walked into her office asking for a job Heard asked why they wanted to work for her. “We do not want to be in a gang!” they said. She then inquired if they had been approached by a gang and the teens replied with a resounding yes.

Determined not to allow these young men to fall peril to gang life, Heard hired them on the spot. Since Wednesday (July 27) the young men have been keeping busy by passing out mail, working in the community garden and helping out in the kitchen.

This is a beautiful example of what can and should be happening in our communities across the country. #UnitedWeStand