Forbes Reports That Hip Hop/R&B is the Dominant Music Genre in the U.S.


Forbes has confirmed what many of us have known all along. That Hip Hop and R&B are the dominant music genre in the United States!

Forbes reported on Nielsen’s recent annual mid-year music report that revealed for the first time, Hip-Hop and R&B’s dominance of the American soundscape. The Nielsen analytics show the level of overall music consumption in the United States with hip-hop and R&B making up 25.1% of the total.


With the advance in technology and music streaming services, it reflects a clear dominance that hip-hop and R&B have in the country. However, Rock music is still the leader in album sales, making up a whopping 40.1% of total album sales in the United States. But when considering how music streaming has cut into physical album sales, it’s only a matter of time before Rock could possibly get replaced as the number one album seller.

Hip-Hop and R&B are also the most popular genres on the leading streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) and holds seven of the top ten songs across these platforms.

Source: Forbes

  • Damir Radovic

    Wouldn’t it be great if real rap was dominant, not that gucci gang and similar mambo jumbo…