Footage of Sean Penn Interview With El Chapo [Video]


The Mexican government has expressed disproval with actor Sean Penn and his private meeting with cartel drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

Since news of the interview went public, Mexico is now conducting an investigation into Sean Penn and Kate del Castillo, in regards to their private meeting with the kingpin.


Via: TMZ

The basis of the investigation is unclear — the interview was conducted in October in Mexico, when Chapo was still on the run.

It appears authorities knew Penn and actress Kate del Castillo — who facilitated the meeting and had gained Chapo’s trust — had hatched a plan to do a sit-down with Chapo.

Penn wrote in Rolling Stone he believed the DEA became aware he was going to travel to Mexico for the interview, adding, “Booking any flight to Mexico now would surely raise red flags … I made a plan to hide myself in the trunk of a friend’s car and he drove me to a waiting rental vehicle.”