First Look at Nicki Minaj’s K-Mart Line….These Pieces are Dope for the Ladies


Rapper Nicki Minaj is steady proving that she’s not just a female rapper, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Aside from rapping, acting, hosting shows, and selling out shows across the world; Nicki has taken her talent for fashion, standing out, and Making A Statement into her own fashion line for K-Mart.


Her collection drops this fall and the pieces we’re seeing so far are AMAZING. Nicki’s pieces will be sure to make even the most plain jane look like a runway fashionista.

Take a look at some exclusive pieces. Are you excited yet ladies?!

embedded_Nicki_Minaj_Kmart_collection_1 nicki minaj kmart3 nicki-minaj-kmart-clothing-line-4 nicki-minaj-k-mart nicki-minaj-kmart-clothing-line