Fetty Wap Names Gucci Mane As Influence Behind His “Ignorant R&B” Music


New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap sat front and center on the XXL Freshman pick cover. As the “Trap Queen” emcee continues to grow in popularity, Fetty remains humbled by his success and encouragement from peers.

Fetty recently opened up about his trap roots and what inspired his style of rap during an interview with Vibe.


The Paterson, NJ native has gone from local sensation to to mainstream hype with the back to back release of his two smash hits, “Trap Queen” and “My Way” ft Drake. However, many would be shocked to learn who actually inspired Fetty to start listening to rap music to begin with…..none other than Guwap himself, Gucci Mane.

“I didn’t listen to music that much when I was young,”  said Fetty Wap. ” It wasn’t until I found out about Gucci Mane. That was really when I got into music. My first iPod just had Guwop’s Chicken Talk mixtape on it at first. I remember when I got it, the first song I heard was “Chicken Talk” with DJ Burn One. Ever since then I was hooked. That used to be my Facebook name — Fetty Guwap. One of my proudest moments in music was being featured on a Gucci song this year.”


When it comes to his style of music within Hip Hop, the rap singer prefers to refer to his music as “ignorant R&B.” Fetty has already received some major co-signs from the likes of Kanye West, Bobby Shumurda and Rihanna.

“I wasn’t even trying to get money from my music at the time,” he said. “I just wanted people to listen.”

Another element kept close to his heart are his children. The rapper says he was used to being with them all the time, but since taking on a busier schedule, he worries how they will perceive their father in the future.


“I used to see them every day,” he said. “Now, my biggest fear is that my daughter is going to be crying because she doesn’t know who I am. Or she’s going to be crying because she’s happy to see me. She’s still young so she doesn’t really know what’s up right now. As a man though, that s*** kind of hurts me. That’s my baby girl, my only daughter. What man don’t want their daughter to know who they is?”

Wap is also aware of jokes made about his disability, his left eye lost due to congenital glaucoma. “Technically, my eye is a disability,” he said. “I just ain’t never been the type to accept not trying and sitting on my ass. If I wanted to, I could go downtown and register for that disability check, and just wait for that money every month. But I never did that, never been on disability or any of that. And, you can check the government records on that. Real talk, my first check was from FedEx. I worked there for two days.”

The rapper is currently working on his debut album and currently touring. His latest show will be tonight in Chicago for I Heart WGCI’s Summer Jam.

Source: Vibe