Former Supermodel Bethann Hardison Explains Racism in Fashion Industry [Pics]


Anyone who is a lover of all things fashion is quite familiar with the lack of Black models on the runways or in the catalogs. It is a well-known practice to use little to no Black models, while white and very fair skin models fill our television screens and magazine pages.

Black supermodel Naomi Campbell recently launched a campaign to try and end racial discrimination in fashion. 

Well one fashion professional goes in depth about the common practice of the white “aesthetic” that happens on a regular basis within the fashion industry.


The question really is……“When does it stop being seen as normal to have mostly white models represent what’s fashionable?” 

Via: UpWorthy

This interview with former supermodel Bethann Hardison reveals a troubling practice in the fashion industry that keeps runways and photo spreads looking eerily the same.