Autumn Game Stressful! 5 Jackets To Get You Through The Fall


Fall is in full leaf color-changing swing right now.  And if you aren’t ready with a nice piece of outerwear, not only will you catch a cold, people will make fun of you. And no one wants to be sick getting made fun of.  To stylishly fair against the weather, you are going to need a variety of cool and functional jackets to conquer the oncoming chill of the fall.

CB Denim jacket

1) Denim jacket with a hoodie – Fall is the season of layering. And everyone in their right fashion mind should LOVE to layer. The easiest and coolest way is a denim jacket with a hoodie under. Depending on the chill factor, you should be good until like 50 degrees with this combo.  I would keep it as a day outerwear option, switching to something a little more wind resistant at night.


2) Field Jacket – The military Field Jacket is the perfect weather transitional piece.  Depending on its weight and its treatment, a field jacket can be a good option for Spring, Fall and even winter.  If it’s just cotton, maybe layer up with a crew neck merino sweater.  Some field jackets come heavy and treated with a wax finish to make it water repellant and wind resistant, making it more functional in colder weather.


3) The Mackintosh – The Mac is a single breasted trench type option with a hidden button placket and single vent in the back.  It is a great jacket for a minimal, simplistic look. It can come in many different fabrics like tweed, wool, or usually a cotton polyamide blend for water repellency.

down vest

4) Down Vest – A great down vest is perfect for that in betwixt season change time. Keeping your core warm and stylish, the down vest gives off a machismo, urban, yet sleek look.  Pair it with a skully for optimal warmth or a snapback for optimal hypebeast. Either way, the cold ain’t got nothing for you

burberry trench

5) Double Breasted Trench Coat – The Granddaddy of all jackets.  In my opinion it is the most iconic jacket on the market. Sad to say I don’t even own one myself! But I digress. Cop one of these bad boys in a nice beige or navy. Also, don’t rely solely on the belt to give it shape. Make sure when you buy a double breasted trench, you treat its fit like a suit  Now, are you ready for that London fog?

And lets take time out to marvel at the steeziness that was costume design on Dark Knight Rises. Bane had the illest coat not seen on a run way EVER




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