Fall is approacing is your Boot game on


Oh how I love the summer, girls wearing barely nothing, beach nights, and the great BBQs all summer long. However, summer must end and your wardrobe must change because Fall and Winter are approaching fast.

I love the summer but summer fashion has nothing on fall and winter fashion. Fall and winter brings out the flashy coats, the cool leather jackets, and an excuse to wear your furs. During the summer if you are seen wearing jacket you probably will make someone catch a heat stroke by just looking at you.

All jokes aside fall and winter is when the real cool clothes are in stores and cool shoes. As a kid you ever remember your mom giving you a pair of hideous boots and saying these will keep your feet warm and you say no mom I don’t like them ? YUUUP maybe that was just me.

Nonetheless, Boots are very essential for the fall/winter season. Just because they keep your feet warm does not mean they have to be ugly. I picked out a few of my favorite brands that will keep your feet warm and stylish.

1. Red Wing Shoes

2416747011._SX300_V195434266_Red wing boots were original made for industry work however, times have changed and now they are made more comfortable enough to wear everyday. You will some people wearing them for work because it is required to wear boots for their jobs such constructions workers. But these boots are still fashionable outside the work field.

red red-wing-shoes-and-social-media-4-460x305


2. Hunter



So I bet a lot of you men thought Hunter boots were for women only…… NOPE not at all. Like the women Hunter boots they are worn for the rain. Men I hope you guys are not immature and think that by purchasing a pair of hunter boots will question your sexuality. There is nothing wrong with having a pair of rain boots in your closet and great pair also. Why not step into the rain fashionable it’s not a crime you know. One line I hate hearing come out of peoples mouth is “It’s raining so I don’t have to look good” wrong ! Take pride in what you wear from head to toe fellas no matter what the weather is.

hunter Hunter-Original-Tall-Wellington-Boots-7


3. Palladium



I put these boots in high end street wear category. Palladium boots comes in all types of colors making it easier to match whats in your closet. These boots are very comfortable and can be worn with almost any outfit in your closet. Palladium even have a collaboration boot with brand Billionare boys Club a limited edition release.

p boots


4. Timberland


I can’t leave the classic Timberland boot out  especially when it comes to men fashion. Growing  up the construction boot was the most popular boot. It was worn by almost every hip-hop artist especially the classic wheat nubuck and black nubuck. These were the most simple colors yet the colors that stand out the most because they go with everything. They gave your outfit a raw/urban look.

wheat timbsblack timbs

I call these timeless boots because they will never go out of style.

till next time my friends stay stylish.

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