Faizon Love Comedy Show Sales Increase Following Airport Brawl [Video]


Fans of the 90s comedy flick “Friday” know firsthand not to mess with Big Worm’s emotions, but a valet in Ohio had to learn the hard way!

Comedian Faizon Love was seen on camera beating the crap out of a valet, and getting arrested in Ohio after he allegedly spit in Faizon’s face.

However, despite being arrested and booked for aggravated assault, Love’s ticket sales for his next stand-up show has started soaring!

Faizon was arrested Tuesday after the brutal attack that was captured on surveillance video took place 8 days before his headlining gig at Funny Bone Comedy Club in Columbus.

According to TMZ, management at the club says they sold nearly 100 tickets on the day of the incident when in comparison, they had only sold 24 tickets the day before.

Bad publicity is always good publicity.

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