Erica Mena & Bow Wow Call Out Baby Mother Joie Chavis On Social Media


It wasn’t too long before newly revamped reality star Erica Mena resorted back to her old petty mean girl ways.

Bow Wow‘s fiance recently took to snapchat to call out his baby mother, Joie Chavis for allegedly creepin on her and Bow’s snap chat activity. These two young lovebirds haven’t gotten married yet, and it seems now we know why.

According to recent reports, Joie wouldn’t allow Erica to attending her daughter’s birthday party, but kept quiet about the situation to show respect to Bow Wow. Erica’s patience must be wearing thin because she uploaded the below snapchat which was a clear shot at Bow’s baby mama Joie.

“Shout out to the b**ches who are stalking my Snapchat. You just a BM b**ch! Don’t forget.” Erica is heard saying on camera.

Rapper #bowwow’s fiance #EricaMena is throwing shots at #JoieChavis the mother of Bow’s daughter Shai.

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Erica attempted to shoot down blog rumors that she had beef with Joie.


But Bow later confirmed that there are indeed issues within the Moss and Mena household.


Hmmmm hopefully when Bow’s daughter gets older and is able to google that image she won’t get too mad at her dad for being in his feelings on social media.