Eminem Punks America By Appearing High as a Kite During Michigan-Notre Dame Game

Rapper Eminem has been more in the spotlight with the release of his new single “Bezerk”. He recently made a guest appearance during the Michigan-Notre Dame game on Saturday night.

Slim Shady joined Kerk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger in the booth to promote his new music video, Berzerk, because you know, Em’s from Detroit and rap videos go perfect with college football.

Eminem stayed true to Eminem, and provided a comical introduction to himself. The public went wild claiming that he was high on molly, but you can clearly tell that Em is joking like usual.

The gloriously weird interview starts with Eminem staring at the screen stone-faced for a good 4 seconds before saying he’s not used to “live TV” because it “freaks him out.” Then he asked to have the question repeated.

The questions the guys asked included what it’s like to make a music video and NFL gambling advice. Later Eminem goes on to compliment Musburger and says he’d be on his All-Announcer team. What an honor.

“You’re a legend,” Eminem said to Musburger.

“You my friend, are the legend,” Musburger replied.

Then it got awkward again.

I’m really uncomfortable right now,” Eminem said.

We all were.

Source: USA Today