Eminem Presents: Road to Total Slaughter Episodes 1-4 [Video]


Eminem has hit a home run with his new battle rap reality show, “Road to Total Slaughter”. The nation’s best rappers from the underground battle rap scene have been forced to live in a house as they go head to head in extremely intense and raw battles.

This show brings to the light the real raw ruggedness of the battle rap culture, and help introduce the world to some of the best to ever touch the battle rap stage.

As the world prepares for the season finale battle between battle rap mavericks Murda Mook and Loaded Lux, take a look at the previous 3 episodes of the hit reality show.

In episode one we get to see the battle rappers as they make they get settled in their new Brooklyn brownstone. Cortez is caught off guard by a “wild card” match against T-Rex, which could make him lose his bed in the house.

The battle rappers prepare for the first round as Team Mook and Team Lux pick their lineups, with Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa and Daylyte vs. Arsenol.

The battle rappers enter the 2nd round as T-Rex vs. Marv Won and Big T vs. Aye Verb.

During the finals before the grand finale, Cali rappers and friends Daylyte and Dizaster go head to head, as T-Rex goes against Big T.