Easily Build And Share Your Resume In Minutes With @Purzue


Need a resume but don’t quite know how to make one? With the new site Purzue.com you can build and share your resume in minutes. The site is extremely easy to use and it’s also wonderful because they give you tips.

Check out some shots below of how it works.

When you get to Purzue.com you have the option of manually building a resume, or using your LinkedIn profile. If you have a LinkedIn profile, that would be the easiest and your best bet. It will use all the information you have there to create a resume, then you can customize the link to your personal resume page.




purzue 2Once you’ve got the information imported, you can edit it, share it and even import it to save as a document. The handy buttons on the top right make all these functions very easy for you. If you wish to send your resume to an employer you can just click the link icon and paste that link to them. Very simple.


Now if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile and you need to start from scratch – no worries this is also very easy for you too. You initially start off with the top 3 sections you want to work on, and you always have the option of adding more. I chose skills, employment as an example and as you can see, the tips on the side even provide a little guidance for you so you aren’t in this alone! Simply fill out the information that it is asking you for and as you fill the information in your resume profile is being created.





purzue6 purzue7 purzue8


Purzue is a awesome tool for those people who need to build their resume and have no clue where to start. If you have a resume and you want to have it stored online for easy distribution – this is also a great tool for you. It provides a nice layout for you to display your talents and they also make it easy for you to edit, share, and save it once it’s created. The quick share buttons allow you to publish it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Another nice thing is that the site is compatible with mobile devices as well so you can manage it on the go if need be.

Check out Purzue.com right now and build your resume profile quickly for FREE!