Dwayne Wade Reveals That He and Gabrielle Union Took A Break Earlier This Year

Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade was on the Jay Leno show for what seemed like it would just be a run-of-the-mill interview. But Wade dropped a total bombshell:

D Wade and Gabrielle Union broke up for a bit in 2013!!!

Wade: “You know what, I’m going to tell you something a little personal. So, celebrity relationships is very hard. You guys would know. So, for us, this was a big year for us in our relationship from the standpoint of she was shooting her show, Being Mary Jane, gone most of the year. I was dealing with my injuries, trying to win a championship. So, you know, we kind of took a step back.”

Leno: “Kind of drifted apart?”

Wade: “Yeah, we kind of took a step back. We supported each other, but we took a step back for a little while. But, at the end of the day, we came back together and said, ‘Listen, we want to continue this. We want to try to continue to try to get better each day.’ She’s been with me and I’ve been with her all summer long. And we’re going strong now.”

Thatt’s really beautiful and sweet to hear. To know that they are just like any normal couple who go through things, and allow for love to bring you back together. We wish them nothing but the best, and can’t wait for the future wedding bells.


Source: Bossip