Drake Tops Dr. Dre, Kanye West, & Birdman on Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List 


Drake has finally reached within the top 3 highest earning hip hop stars.

The “Charged Up” emcee even passed up Dr. Dre  and Birdman, making him a definite force to be reckoned with among hip hop’s big dogs.

Drake has been doing nothing but winning in 2015.


Via: Vibe

Annually, Forbes releases its “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list. The listing showcases some of hip-hop’s wealthiest rap stars and moguls. This year, Diddy come in on top with a whooping $60 million, made by his clothing line and Ciroc deal. But the competition was stiff. So much so, that Dr. Dre took a deep dive only earning $33 million this year, which is a huge difference from the $620 million he made last year from the selling of his Beats company to Apple for $3 billion.

Surprisingly enough, Drake edged out Dre on this year’s list, earning a nice $39.5 million made the good old-fashioned way, through: music, endorsements and touring. This substantial amount of cash landed Drizzy in the 3rd spot of the coveted list:


1. Diddy: $60 Million
2. Jay Z: $56 Million
3. Drake: $39.5 Million
4. Dr. Dre: $33 Million
5. Pharrell Williams: $32 Million
6. Eminem: $31 Million
7. Kanye West: $22 Million
8. Wiz Khalifa: $21.5 Million
9. Nicki Minaj: $21 Million
10. Birdman: $18 Million