Drake Switches His “Back To Back” Lyrics To Call Meek Mill A P***y [Video]


Drake took to the stage in Philly over the weekend to let Meek Mill‘s hometown know that Drizzy thinks Meek is a “pu**y” who still hasn’t responded to his infamous “Back to Back” diss track.

Dissing Meek in his own hometown was a bold move of Drake, and of course Meek responded with an Instagram post.


Via: TMZ

Drake walked right into Meek Mill‘s house and took a big ole metaphorical dump on his living room floor by not only performing “Back to Back” … but adding a new, personal shot.

Drake performed Sunday night in Philly — Meek’s hometown — and refused to take his foot off Meek’s throat. Seriously, we thought at this point this beef was well done … but Drizzy went HAM.

Check out his message to Meek at the end of the diss anthem — he made sure the crowd knew it wasn’t about Philly, in general … and only about Nicki’s BF.

Everyone shoulda seen this coming after Drake’s Saturday night gig in D.C. … where he flat out called his nemesis a p****.

Meek responded to Drizzy’s slander by taking to this Instagram page…..no shocker there.