Drake Says He Wasn’t Grossed Out By Madonna Kiss [Pics]


The internet was abuzz yesterday after video released of Queen of pop Madonna planting a wet juicy kiss on rapper Drake, that left Drizzy looking absolutely mortified.



However, Drake took to Instagram to publicly announced that he was not disgusted, but was honored to have been grossed out kissed by the icon.

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There were also reports that Drizzy wasn’t exactly grossed out by the kiss, but was thrown off with the lipstick after effect left on his mouth.


Via: TMZ

Drake was not grossed out when Madonna planted a prolonged lip-lock on him at Coachella Sunday night … his reaction was all about lipstick aftertaste.

Sources close to Drake tell TMZ … he loved the kiss. As for whether the kiss was prearranged, Drake says it wasn’t … the plan was for Madonna to dance around him while he sat in the chair.

Drake says he was not banking on a transfer of the glossy stuff and that’s why he blanched.

When you look closely at the video, it looks like whatever lipstick there is it’s pretty colorless … either nude or beige.


Drake wasn’t feeling that kiss, just admit it Drizzy!