Drake Fans Call Him Out For Posting Proof of Reference Tracks in 2014 [Pics]


Looks like Drizzy Drake may have put his own self on blast in regards to the many ghostwriting claims that have surrounded his career since Meek Mill called him out for using reference tracks in 2015.

Fans resurfaced an old image that might just prove Meek and Funkmaster Flex‘s recent claims that Drake has been receiving reference tracks from ghostwriters since the early days of his budding career.


Via: VladTV

Following Drake and Future’s four days stint at Madison Square Garden for the Summer Sixteen Tour, and his well-documented beef with Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex, it looks like the “6 god’s” writing credibility has been questioned once again.

However, this time, the accusations are coming from fans, who believe that Drake may have implicated himself unknowingly back in 2014 when he posted a screen shot to his Instagram, and now his track “6PM in New York” is coming under fire following Funk’s ghostwriting claims being publicized once again.

After calling out Hot 97 and Funk Flex out not once but three times, Drake haters are now on a mission to disprove Toronto’s golden boy, have now taken it upon themselves to dig up more dirt on Drake and it looks like they may have found some.

Image: Did Drake Admit to Using Ghostwriters on His Own Instagram? Image #2

According to Instagram followers, Drake may have implicated his own self with ghostwriting claims long before Meek Mill blasted him back in summer 15′. In an old post where Drake praises his brother Future’s Monster mixtape by screenshotting his Mac’s playlist filled with Future, fans couldn’t help but notice in the same picture a track titled, 1daQ Noel Ref 1″ and “6PM In New York Noel Ref 3.”

Following the Quentin Miller scandal, the photo sent poeple into overdrive and now have them wondering was Drizzy working with Miller as early as 2014? Hence the title, “1daQ Noel Ref 1,” allegedly referencing Boi-1da and “Q” for Quentin Miller.

Image: Did Drake Admit to Using Ghostwriters on His Own Instagram? Image #3

Hmmmm. Drake’s skeletons might be slowly falling out of the closet at this point.

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