Drake Admits in New Song That He and Nicki Minaj Aren’t Speaking

Drake is dropping some bombshells in his new album that will have everyone buying the LP, if they didn’t already have it on pre-order. Drizzy is dropping more than few revelations about his personal life on his latest album, but one group of lyrics in particular have fans wondering about the back story behind them.

Nothing Was The Same features the highly-anticipated track, “Tuscan Leather” . The track leaked over the weekend and Drizzy speaks about a rift in his previously tight relationship with fellow YMCMB labelmate Nicki Minaj, admitting that things aren’t what they used to be between the two of them:

He raps:

“Paperwork takin’ too long, maybe they don’t understand me
I’ll compromise if I have to, I gotta stay with the family.

Not even talkin’ to Nicki, communication is breakin’
I dropped the ball on some personal sh*t, I need to embrace it.

I’m honest, I make mistakes, I’d be the second to admit it
Think that’s why I need her in my life, to check me when I’m trippin.’”

Surprisingly, Nicki also confirmed in a Hot 97 interview earlier this year that she and Drake have become “too busy” to have a real connection.

Hmmm. It definitely sounds like there’s more to this story. Hopefully we find out :)

Source: Bossip