Do’s & Dont’s To Having The Right Manager Representing Your Brand


Many aspiring or maturing music artists know how hard it is to find a good manager, but how necessary it is to have one.

Below are some pretty useful tips to consider when looking for a manager to help take your career/brand to the next level.

Via: ShaheimSays

Manager Roles
Their main role is enhancing a clients career
Let’s see if you have the right manager around you and what a manager actually is. A Manager is a:
·       Planner
·       Adviser
·       Organizer
·       Strategist
·       Overseer
·       Manipulator
·       Coordinator
·       Buffer
·       Detailed person
·       Travel companion
·       Friend (Trust)
·       Catalyst
·       Stakeholder
According to Billboard books, “Managers are people or firms that work with record companies, producers, agents, promoters, publicists and anyone else that’s necessary.”
The objective of a manager is simple: To make sure everyone pulls together with effectiveness and enthusiasm to make the artist shine. If that sounds like a tough order, just know that the reality of doing it consistently is even tougher.
 Jim Morey, that worked with Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton said it best, “The artist is the corporation and the manager is the CEO.”
Manager Do’s and Don’ts
What a manager does, better yet, what they don’t do.
·       Promoting and exploiting – That’s a Music Publisher (See above of the things a manager is to focus on for you to be a success)
·       Book your shows – That’s a Booking Agent (Booking your shows and getting you paid gigs is not their job. They can partner and network with resources to get you access to these things but that’s really the job of a booking agent… which you (the artist) pay for.
·       Pay your bills (Cell phone, studio time, showcases, etc.) – Don’t even get me started. Investing in yourself is up to you. If a manager invests their money into your career they have now become an investor not a manager. Be careful with toting this line as you may end up with less ownership of your works even after a possible split up from your management team.
    Keeping this short, simple and to the point will help you define who’s already around you and if you had in mind the right things a manager is to be doing during your evaluation.
How to find a good manager… coming soon. Read more on ShaheimSays