Don’t Call Yourself a Man If These Aren’t in Your Wardrobe


*Cue the No Church in the Wild beat* What’s a shirt to a closet? What’s a closet to a wardrobe? What’s a wardrobe to a man who doesn’t own his menswear necessities? I know it doesn’t rhyme but follow me any way. As a man, building a wardrobe is trickier than it seems.

There are a variety of reasons as to why men are clueless when it comes to styling their wardrobe.  There is a lack of MWF in their closet.  MWF translates to Menswear Foundation. MWF are the Holy Grails of your closet. MWF are the pieces that are essential to every man’s wardrobe

Gents please take out your Muji notepads. I have some useful knowledge to bestow.

1)   Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt


Oxford cloth button downs, aka the OCBD, the most versatile of shirting options.  You can wear this shirt to work under a suit,

thom brown oxford

To the club under a cardigan –

cardigan oxford

out in Chelsea with two buttons unfastened.

casual oxford washed

You can really get a huge bang for your buck with this shirt.  Go for a white or light blue for maximum steez.  J. Crew offers the best oxfords in my opinion. Very soft and durable and have a great fit and silhouette


2)   Navy Suits


I will start of by saying that if it isn’t a wedding, a funeral or a very classy event, retire that black suit to the depths of your closet, fellas.  Stop showing up to job interviews looking like a Paul Bearer.  Now, a navy suit is very versatile. It can be worn for a night on the town, to that huge presentation at work

navy suit work

or my favorite reason, “Just because.”

suit soho

You can pair it with any color shirt and any style of shirt.  Any color shoes and belt go well with it.  It’s always there for you like a good friend.  Check out Suit Supply  in Soho or DC for great quality suits for quality prices or go full on custom tailored from Indochino’s traveling tailor team.


3)   Well Fitting Chinos


The importance of the chino is very underrated and slept on. This should be a staple in any ones closet.  Chinos, like everything else I’ve stated, has extreme versatility and can be worn to any event. My personal favorite look is a pair of khaki chinos with a navy sport coat and a white oxford.  I swear, once you tie the laces on some brown brogues to top the outfit off,  the music to “Cant Tell Me Nothin” starts playing. Club Monaco offers some amazing chinos (especially when on sale)

khaki chino

Above are the things every man needs and the reasons why he needs them.  Below are some optional not so necessary but still very dope items for the everyday man.

1)   Nike Roshe Runs


The most comfortable shoes ever, worn by the right guy, can be dressed up with a navy blazer and chinos or dressed down with some slim fit denim and a crew neck sweat shirt

roshe lineup


2)   Linen shirt/pants/jacket

linen shirrtt

Every man needs some linen in his life.  Whenever I throw a linen shirt on I feel like I’m on someone’s yacht even though I’m just soaring high on the J train line.

3)   Jordan’s


Whatever your favorite pair was growing up, when they get retro’d, it’s your duty as a stupid American consumer to buy them

4)   A balling ass robe


Just as a woman loves to see her man in a fine tailored suit, her eyes are equally as glossy with a baller ass terry cloth bath robe.


Gather these relics of menswear essence and watch your sprezz and steez increase 100 fold. Go forth and flourish brah

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