Donna Wants to Eat Dutchess Groceries – “Black Ink Crew” [SEASON 4, EP 3 Full Video Recap]


On Monday night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew” we got to see Dutchess let loose in Miami with Sky and Donna, while Ceaser enforced his control over the shop back in NYC.

Ted and Ceaser having a few power issues.

Sky is ready for her surgery.

Ceaser is hoping he can get past the BS with Dutchess

Ted tries to convince Ceasar that he hired the right tattoo artist

Sky, Donna and Duchess arrive in Miami!!

Duchess is questioning her entire relationship with Ceasar

Donna and Duchess discuss their friendship.

Looks like O’S**T is still having issues with his kids mom.

O’S**t showin up out the blue

Cathy is sick of O’Sh*t being a part time dad.

Donna Gone Wild Weekend. Nuff said

Melody + whipped cream + strippers = Black Ink?

The ladies hang out at a Miami club.

When you’re the only person in white pants w jameson on ur butt cheek

Duchess lost her ring? or she happy cause she ditched it??

Big Ceas ready get this wedding done

The ladies are having a blast in Miami.

Donna + Duchess sloppy joes

Donna wants to eat Duchess’ “groceries”… ok

Can’t wait to see how the wild night in Miami plays out between Dutchess and Donna!