Donna Meets Maxwell’s Baby Mother on #BlackInkCrew [Season4 Ep10 Full Video Recap]


On last nights episode of Black Ink Crew, Donna attempts to clear misty water with Maxwell’s baby’s mother, Caesar and Dutchess discuss wedding plans, OSh*t has a cancer scare, and Skyy starts dating new kinds of men she met off Instagram.

OSh*t’s partying ways are taking a toll on his health.

OSh*t needs to visit the doctor.

Ceaser’s explains to Walt and OSh*t the craziness Donna caused at Dutchess shop in North Carolina.

OSh*t is ready for his exam.

Ceaser’s mom tells him how she really feels about Dutchess before her surgery.

Ceaser’s mom successfully makes it through surgery.

Donna heads over to Black Ink rival, Art 2 Ink for a job.

Donna’s first day at Art 2 Ink.

Donna has only one question.

This did not go to well…

Donna is attempting to take the high road but Ashley is driving in the fast line.

Ashley is not here for the kumbeyah.

So what’s the truth?

Ceasar and Dutchess try to discuss Ceasar’s relationship with his daughter.

Ceasar and Dutchess discuss wedding plans.

So have you dated Black women before?

The first one got the boot, this one she finds cute.