Donald Trump Sued By Mexican Protesters Following Attack Caught On Video


Donald Trump has gotten hit with a lawsuit by some of his biggest enemies…….Mexicans!

The lawsuit stems from a physical altercation that ensued last week between his security team and a group of Mexican protesters outside of his Trump Towers in NYC.

Efrain Galicia filed the suit that claims he and his “group of human rights activists of Mexican origin” were attacked by Trump’s bodyguards outside Trump Towers last Thursday.

The Trump team claims that the protesters jumped the guard from behind and is also considering filing criminal charges for the incident themselves.

However, video of the altercation shows one of Trump’s security guards punching a man in the face and knocking him to the ground.

Galicia and 4 others are suing Trump, his campaign, and Keith Schiller … who is reportedly the guard who threw the punch.

Source: TMZ