Donald Trump Loses His Cool At First Presidential Debate With Hillary Clinton [Highlights & Full Debate]


It’s been said that the greatest fear of the Hillary Clinton campaign has been that some other Donald Trump would emerge during the Presidential debates that would reflect a more calm, reasonable and mature man who might look like he was ready for the Oval Office.

However, anyone who watched the first Presidential debate last night could see that that man does not exist, and Donald Trump is an angry man with a short temper who can hardly answer one question with factual information.

Take a look at some of the highlights below.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate keeping and creating jobs and the legacy of past trade deals.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says America’s money has been squandered. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says she’s met workers who’ve been stiffed by Trump.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off for the first of three debates. Who will win the night? Watch PBS NewsHour for the full debate, plus analysis from Mark Sheilds and David Brooks.

Donald Trump criticizes the Iran nuclear deal and Hillary Clinton says she will reassure global allies that American keeps its word.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debate the effectiveness of NATO and anti-terror efforts.

Hillary Clinton discusses “troubling” recent cyberattacks by Russia. Donald Trump says America should be better than anyone else on cyberattacks, but disputed that Russia was necessarily behind the attacks.