DMX Ex-Wife Reveals That He’s Been A Deadbeat Dad Since Divorce

DMX’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons recently released a book on her life and experience with being married to the most arrested rapper in history. In her book titled, “You Think You Know But You Have No Idea”, she goes in depth about the tumultuous marriage she had with her Ex-husband Earl Simmons.


Tashera recently sat down with Coco Fab and revealed that the rapper is basically a deadbeat neglectful father in his children’s lives. When asked if he’s been a stable figure in their lives, she claims:

“No, not a consistent one at all. It’s so sad because he was at a time a really good dad. But after we broke up, it’s like they don’t really exist to him anymore.”

Tashera claims she’s looking forward to parting ways with the rapper:


“We will be legally divorced this month hopefully. I’m really excited about it but he won’t comply. He doesn’t want to sign for nothing. I’ve been going to court and pushing for the child support, and now the judge is honoring it because he sees that X really isn’t complying. There are a lot of tax issues that I had nothing to do with but they are tied into it. So the judge is going to honor my divorce.”

Lastly, Tashera also confirmed that she is dating again, as she’s been in a serious committed relationship with someone for quite some time now, while DMX is engaged and expecting a baby with his new baby mama.

Source: Bossip