Djimon Hounsou Explains Why His Son Wished He Was Light Skin


Actor Djimon Hounsou recently shared a personal story about his young son with  The Guardian that reflects the challenges Black actors face in Hollywood.

While discussing the latest African-American superhero like Luke Cage and announcement of Black Panther by Marvel, Hounsou says a comment by his own son Kenzo made him realize how important representation matters in movies….


Could you imagine my misfortune when my son told me: “I want to be light-skinned so I can climb the walls like Spider-Man” – just because he has seen Spider-Man and Batman and all these superheroes who were all white. The minute he said it, I was like, damn. My whole self was shattered. I was like, wow, what sort of comeback do you have for this? It’s important to recognise yourself. It’s absolutely important. That’s the value in telling stories. There’s a reason why we create fantasy stories, so we can surpass this life condition.

The actor later discussed why Hollywood still has a hard time giving Black actors lead roles:


There certainly hasn’t been that much out there at this point. I haven’t come across many leads in potential blockbusters, but I’m working towards that.

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