DIY Halloween Ideas And Costumes


Fall is here which means one of my favorite holidays is coming up, Halloween. Halloween is the one day of the year you get to walk around the streets dressed as anyone you want to be. Whether it’s a celebrity, supernatural character, or you just want an excuse to dress sexier than usual, the costume ideas are unlimited!

If your cheap like me and not into spending extravagant amounts of money on something you will wear only once, now is the time to utilize the internet to your advantage. Many YouTube beauty Guru’s love this time of year, because they love to use there artistry to create fun makeup looks that you can do at home with things you already have.

Here are some budget Halloween ideas to try out this year:

Marilyn Monroe

Classic look that anyone of any race can do. You can even put a twist to it and do a half dead face. You don’t even need a blonde wig. Just find a white halter dress, add some Marilyn makeup which include her signature red lips and beauty mark. Your hair can look anyway, once the outfit and makeup is right people will get the idea!

Sexy Leopard or Lion

A black eyeliner will be the key component of this look. It creates your lion nose and fierce whiskers. All need is any piece of leopard clothing and ears to complete the look.

The Joker

This has to be one of the easiest Halloween looks. All you need is the Halloween face paint from your local discount store, and just wear all black to get this villain look.

So this year get creative with you looks. Play with makeup, wear anything you want. It’s the one day a year your allowed to be someone or something else. Make it fun.

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