Divorced Couple Goes Viral After Posting #DivorceSelfie



A Canadian couple went viral after posting the most surprising photo outside of a divorce court.

Formerly married couple, Shannon and Chris Neuman snapped a quick photo following their divorce in celebration of the occasion.

“Here’s Chris Neuman and I yesterday after filing for divorce! But we’re smiling?! Yep, we’re kooky like that,” Shannon said in a Facebook post that’s racked up more than 30,000 shares.

Shannon told Huffpost “We weren’t celebrating with the pic, we were commemorating the accomplishment of a goal that we worked really hard to reach, together,” Shannon, who was married to Chris for 11 years stated. “If we were celebrating, it was the completion of the process and coming out on the other side as friends.”

Now that the photo is going viral, Shannon hopes the couple’s positive co-parenting vibes rub off on others.

“If it helps any couples struggling (even if they’re complete strangers to us!) then I think that’s awesome and it makes me feel super proud,” she said.