#DivaDance in NYC Brings Beyonce’s Lemonade to Life! #SlayingIsMyCardio


While everyone is busy buzzing about Queen Bey’s “Lemonade”, you can now create your own hour long cocktail and dance your way to having Beyonce abs!

Introducing DivaDance, the newest fitness dance craze to hit the scene.




Every week in May in NYC and Austin, come sip the #Lemonade at DivaDance where they feature music from and signature DivaDance choreography (for all levels) inspired by Queen Bey’s newest masterpiece.




About Diva Dance:

DivaDance classes feature easy-to-learn choreography for all levels of dance experience. Come with your squad OR solo — just be prepared to let your hair down for an hour of pure fun! Each sexy, sweaty class kicks off with a full-body warmup and stretch, followed by

Each sexy, sweaty class kicks off with a full-body warmup and stretch, followed by choreo to the latest hits (and a few classic favorites) and finally ending with a cool down.

Classes will occasionally be presented as a four-week series where participants have the option to perform for friends and family in a future recital (tutus optional).

Become a VIP member and get access to all in-class videos, apparel, discounted classes & parties, and connect with our community of awesome divas. www.divadancecompany.com Starting at just $20 per class


Other classes available weekly:


This ain’t yo’ mama’s Zumba. This (literally) nonstop dance party features curated playlists and one-of-a-kind DJ mixes fused with sweat-inducing dance moves. Think of it like being up in “tha club” — without the personal space invasion or the velvet rope. Formerly dubbed “Dance & Sweat,” this sick dance werq-out has been known to earn over 3K Fitbit steps per class! #funfact


Our hip hop-inspired class features fierce choreo influenced by the hottest music videos and current dance trends. Each class focuses on learning a mini-routine to one song so you’ll leave feeling like you could be a backup dancer for The Biebs. Twerking optional-ish.


Our sexiest DivaDance class features burlesque-inspired moves with the occasional prop (stilettos or chairs). Add in lots of hair-eography and you’re basically an un-basic video vixen by the end.

Interested in attending DivaDance at a discount? Visit www.divadancecompany.com/class-event-schedule/