Discover What You Were Meant To Do After Reading “The Art of Work” @jeffgoins


“Am I doing what I was made to do”

“What was I made to do”

“Am I living or just existing”

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These are a few of the questions one asks themselves when they feel they aren’t living out their dreams. Finding your calling, or doing what you think you were made to do, requires a necessary process or journey. Some people are born knowing from a child what they were created to do. But for most of us, the journey to finding our calling can be a long and gruesome one.

Speaker, blogger, and writer Jeff Goins has written a powerful book that will not only help you discover your calling, but also provide you with useful tips and examples to help you begin taking daily steps toward your calling.

The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do” walks the reader through a tried and true process of abandoning the “normal” and stepping fully into work that matters to you.

Goins delivers a practical and insightful book about discovering your true calling, and what you were created to do. Everyone from entrepreneurs to business professionals, and even school students can gain great insight from this book as it uses real life examples from people of all walks of life, age, and background.

Goins explains how the search for meaningful work begins with passion, but that is not where it stops. Goins further explains how when we let our interests collide with the needs of the world, only then do we begin living for a larger purpose and truly reach our calling.

As hard and as complicated as it might seem, Goins ensures the readers that such a life is attainable by anyone who is brave enough to try to discover their calling. After quitting his job to become a full-time writer at the age of 30, Goins learned firsthand “the day itself was less significant that the process it took to get there.”

“What I’ve come to understand is that finding your purpose is more of a path than a plan: it involves twists and turns that you never expected…This book is a description of that path, as well as the steps it takes to navigate it.”

“The Art of Work” combines Goins’ personal experiences, compelling real life stories from other brave people who found their calling, and current research about the mysteries of motivation and talent to help the reader navigate the search for vocation and to know what to expect along the way. There is also a very useful study guide with exercises in the back.

If you are still hoping to find out your calling, or if you have found your calling but still need help with harnessing it, please purchase “The Art of Work”. This is the book you’ve been waiting for.

“The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do”