Diddy Says Obama ‘Shortchanged’ Black People & Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Earned Black Vote [Video]


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs held back nothing when sitting down with Al Sharpton to discuss politics and the upcoming Presidential election.

Diddy, who just opened up a new charter school in Harlem, NYC, sat down to discuss education, presidential politics, and more.

When speaking on President Obama, Diddy stated that he feels Obama “shortchanged’ Black America during his election, and called on Hillary Clinton who he feels hasn’t earned the Black vote yet.

The rap mogul told Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC he wanted more done for ‘his people’, as he feels they put Obama in the White House. Diddy stated that the president has done an ‘excellent job’ in office, but he now wants to ‘turn up the heat’ because of the importance of the black vote.

Diddy urged Hillary to reach out and ‘directly engage’ with African-Americans in order to earn their vote.