Detailed Look At Ricarrdo Tisci and Nike Collaboration


One of the most highly anticipated Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are about to drop soon and the hype is building everyday.

So far Pop star Rihanna is the only one who’s been spotted wearing them during Paris Fashion Week, aside from Ricarrdo Tisci’s hand picked model Erykah Badu.

For the people who don’t know who Ricarrdo Tischi he is the head designer for the French fashion house Givenchy. This is a major move in the world of fashion, High end meets urban culture.

The collection consists of four Air Force 1′s – Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Lo, Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Mid, Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Hi, and the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Boot. 

The Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Low will cost $230, and the Nike + R.T. Air Force 1 Mid is priced at $260. The Nike + R.T. Hi—a three quarters shoe—will cost $320 and the Nike + R.T. Boot comes in at $340.

Expect to drop some money if you really want to have these cool kicks in your closet.

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