Deion Sanders Fired From Job for Choking Up Teacher

NFL star Deion Sanders‘ gangsta side just got him a pink slip.

According to TMZ

Deion Sanders has been 86′ed from the school he co-founded in Texas … after admitting he got into a physical altercation with a head official.

A rep for the Prime Prep Academy says the school is cutting ties with Deion — who was an “ambassador and employee of the school” — after deciding they can no longer have a professional relationship with him following allegations he choke slammed PPA honcho Kevin Jefferson.

Deion says he didn’t assault the guy … but acknowledges they “locked up” after Deion learned some of the student athletes at the school were not doing well in the classroom.

In a statement, the school would not explain the specific reason they want to cut ties with Sanders, but acknowledge the positive things he did for the place saying,

“Deion’s positive contribution is appreciated and regarded as a laudable example. The school family wishes Mr. Sanders much success in his future endeavors.”

Deion previously griped that he was angry about the quality of the education at PPA — but school officials insist they have “complete confidence” in their programs.

We reached out to Sanders for comment … so far, no word back.

Daaaamn Deion….I guess you really do love sports. LOL