Damon Dash & Kanye West Present “Loisaidas” (Starring Murda Mook & The Lox) [Episode 1]


Mel is a young and ambitious street kid and amateur BMX street rider in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He rides his bike through the streets until he arrives at the penthouse apartment of his older friend and mentor, Rugby.

The two speak and Rugby tells Mel about what first brought him down to Loisada. After Rugby and his partner, Remy, are forced to leave their native Harlem in the wake of a brutal triple-homicide, they find themselves in the predominantly Spanish section of the Lower East Side.

Once there they run into characters from all walks of downtown life: The crooked cop, Lobo, a local girl named Yolanda, and a notorious hit squad known as The Warlocks. Uptown and Downtown collide to create a new breed of hustlers, The Loisaidas.

Starring Murda Mook, The Lox, and Damon Dash, “Loisaidas” is a certified hit among the emerging crime drama television trend.

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