D.L. Hughley Calls Out Megyn Kelly & Fox News On Race & Police [Video]


Comedian D.L. Hughley joined The Kelly File to discuss the disturbing shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and things definitely got heated.

Kelly told Hughley not to assume race is a factor in situations that few details are known about.

Hughley told Kelly that his perspective as a black man has led him to see police, in particular, in a way that is different than how she might.

That sounds civilized typed out like that, but the actual interaction was very different.

It all started when Hughley tersely informed Kelly that he hadn’t been aware Fox contributor Mark Fuhrman (of O.J. Simpson trial fame) was going to be speaking prior to his segment. From there, there was plenty of interrupting and at one point, Hughley insulted Fox News, sarcastically saying that the only places racism doesn’t seem to exist are FNC and police departments.

When he aimed at Fox again, laughing at the irony he saw in her telling him not to paint entire groups of people with a broad brush, Kelly abruptly ended the segment.

Watch the whole fiasco below.