Coolio Performs Acoustic Version of “Gangsta’s Paradise With College Kids From England

Via: TMZ

Coolio put on the ultimate acoustic performance recently … busting out “Gangsta’s Paradise” while chillin’ on a couch in a college kid’s living room … while a student with a guitar strummed out a beat.

The rapper was in England to play a gig — and met a couple of University of Central Lancashire students in the V.I.P. area.

We spoke with one of the students, Lorcan, who posted his account of the night on Reddit … and he tells us Coolio liked the kids and offered to cook the gang dinner (he’s a big-time chef nowadays).

After stopping by a grocery store to pick up the ingredients for a caprese salad, a peach crumble and something called “Chicken á la Daaaamn” … Coolio decided to treat the kids to a rendition of his biggest hit … and it was awesome.  We’re told Coolio paid for everything.

After the performance, the student said Coolio was a “great guy” … who “had some very deep and profound thoughts on life and his time in the business.”