Compilation of Bill Cosby Accusers [Video]

Late Show with David Letterman
Late Show with David Letterman

How Bill Cosby’s team of high-profile lawyers and media experts silenced rape rumors for decades by threatening accusers and playing hardball with the press.

Comedian’s lawyers and publicists have kept rape claims out of the media by discrediting accusers and pressuring news outlets not to publish.

It was revealed on Sunday that Cosby has hired a team of private investigators to dig up dirt to discredit his more than two dozen accusers.


Cosby Team’s Strategy: Hush Accusers, Insult Them, Blame the Media

When women first started coming forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape last month, the public was surprised due to his flawless reputation as ‘America’s dad’.

It has now been revealed that a team of lawyers and publicists worked tirelessly to keep his image pristine for decades, by silencing alleged victims and keeping the media from reporting their claims, the New York Times reports.


That apparently all-male team includes $850-an-hour Hollywood lawyer Martin Singer (whose clients include Charlie Sheen and Arnold Schwarzenegger), former William Morris agent Norman Brokaw, his publicist son David, and New York lawyer John P Schmitt.

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