Company Fires Employee After He Post Racist Facebook Post With Coworker’ Son


A former employee of YourEDM and Polaris Marketing Group was recently fired from his job after he posted a picture on Facebook with his Black coworker’s son and allowed for many of his friends to post some of the most racist comments you could think of.

The Facebook user goes by the name of Geris (or Gerod) Hilton, and he and his friends decided to make racist “jokes” about the poor child all while continuing to act friendly to the boy and his mother (his coworker).

Take a look at the disgusting comments below.

After the photo and comments went viral, one commenter, Emily Irene Red, and the pic poster, Geris/Gerod, have both been fired from their jobs.

One under the name Geris at YourEDM and the other under the name Gerod at Polaris Marketing Group.

The child was properly identified by his mother Sydney as Cayden Jace in an empowering photo she later put on social media.

Polaris Marketing Group later posted to their Facebook confirming that Gerod was no longer an employee at their prominent marketing company.

Stuff like this reminds us just how deep racism is still rooted in modern day society.

Most of those comments were made by millennials. Smh.