College Advice: How to Handle Dorm-Room Bathrooms


In the August issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine they listed tips for College students dealing with the issues of dorming and using the bathroom. We all have to go, and you still have to do your business.

Even when the restroom has been through a wild Thursday or Saturday night, Check out these smart ways to overcome a rough bathroom:

1. Befriend the front desk workers so they might let you use the employee bathroom.


2. Make a mental note of where the quieter bathrooms are, and use those instead.


3. Use paper towels to turn on and off the faucet and to  open and close doors, especially at the end of the weekend when everyone has smeared their germs on the everything.


4. Lay your toothbrush on a paper towel.

Cool DIY Toiletry Wrap
Cool DIY Toiletry Wrap

5. Use hand sanitizer to kill any germs you may have picked up.


6. Let an RA know if someone has messed up the bathroom. It’s their job to maintain the cleanliness of the halls.


Stay clean and safe during your time in college. Nobody wants to miss out on all the fun, because they’re sick.


Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine