City Spots That are Open 24Hrs (Salon, Dentist, Animal Hospital, Apple Store and More


New York is known as “the city that never sleeps”, and in many ways stays true to that. Aside from having a non-stop flow of events and movement going on throughout the city, there are 24 hour spots that will take care of your most dire need at any random moment of your life.

When it comes to finding food or a place to drink in NYC you know you’ll never have a problem. But what if you chip your tooth, your dog gets extremely sick, or you have the craziest craving for some fresh baked cookies?

For nocturnal New Yorkers here’s a list of some businesses and services that are up as late as you are:


Dr. Issac Datikashvili became a dentist in NYC as a way to slow down an EMT position he had in Philadelphia. In 2008 he brought his positions together and started a dentistry practice that lets anyone rush to his office for dental care.

It’s not like a typical dentist office. You never know what’s coming in.” Datikashvili said. He says most of his customers are cyclists and skateboarders, celebrities, and people who wait last minute to treat a pain.


When the bartender yells “Last Call!!!” party people can transport their fiesta to Gagopa Karaoke. The karaoke bar, located in Koreatown, closes extra late every single night of week except Sunday. The bar charges up to $50 per hour to rent out the karaoke room, depending on the number of guests.


The most inconvenient computer device malfunctions tend to happen at times when the whole world is asleep. Howver, if you’re in NYC, you can get your Apple-related issue fixed 24 hours a day at the midtown Apple store that’s open 24 hours everyday all day.


Located in Koreatown this 24 hour spa pampers it’s guest at any time of the night or day. “We have tourists, people leaving their evening shifts, Broadway performers, people coming out from clubs late at night and wanting to be pampered.” stated Manager Nadia Hubener.

New York's Animal Medical Center Provides Advanced Treatments For Pets

This 24-hour animal hospital leaves pet owners rushing over during all hours of the night for their furry friends’ medical emergency. The vets at Animal Medical Center handle everything from dogs getting hit by a car, to diagnostic testing and answering questions. “It’s hard to have to wait until morning if you think there’s something really wrong with your pet.” Richard Goldstein the chief medical officer.


After killinb late-night munchies with his cookie delivery service at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, Seth Berkowitz grew his Insomnia Cookies to 31 locations, with six in NYC, including at NYU and Columbia University. Food in the middle of the night is easy in NYC, but finding delicious sweets are limited.


Brooklyn Bowl keeps setting the pins down, while a Dj spins the latest tunes, well into the wee hours of the morning.


Owner Jihee Kim launched Hair Party 24 Hours in Seoul, Korea and brought it to the states in 2007. “If you want hair extensions at 10pm you can have them.” said Manager Leah Yoo. The all-night salon also offers manicures and pedicures all day and night. Ladies you can’t beat that!

USA and Canada

This 24-hour tattoo parlor will help you get inked out with your random late-night inspiration for your next tat.

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The Forest Hills tanning salon never closes and turns your pale tone a sexy bronze glow at all hours of the day and night.



Source:By Dan Rivoli and Rebecca Ungarino AMNY