Chris Brown Takes Down Graffiti From His Home

Singer/Bad Boy Chris Brown is kissing his graffiti-decorated home goodbye, and while it looks like he lost the war to keep the”art” on his Hollywood Hills home Chris is saying it’s coming down by his choice, not anyone else’s.

We told you last month that Chris has been fighting the city of L.A. since May over the graffiti he plastered on an exterior wall of the house — even claiming it’s protected by the 1st Amendment.

After neighbors complained the images were a blight on the block the city threatened to slap Chris with a heavy fine — but today workers slapped a fresh layer of paint on the concrete wall.

But sources close to Chris tell sources that he only covered up the painted creatures because he wanted to, NOT because of the city’s threats.

Whatever the reason, the L.A. Building Department of Safety says if its inspectors are satisfied the graffiti is covered tomorrow … Chris will not be fined.

Knowing Chris he might be about to put something new up.


Source: TMZ